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Video production serviceChoosing a video production service can be difficult especially when you are inundated with choices online. With so many people having access to camera equipment, it is very easy for anyone to say that they can make a video.   The best video production service involves an organized and streamlined process so that you as a client have as little to worry about as possible for achieving your media goals. At Moth to Flame, we have really honed this process over our years in business to make it as painless as possible.

music production companyAs a filmmaker and artist, I am constantly looking at other people’s work to learn from and be inspired by. One of my favorite things to film is a music video. Having a music background, I find that all of my films are highly inspired by the music itself.   I often like to play the game of listening to a song and describing to a friend what visuals immediately pop up in my head based on how the music makes me feel. “This one feels like a driving song in an old Cadillac. This one feels like rain, lots of it.”

commercial-video-productionCommercial video production can prove to be tricky. It is easier for companies to follow trends and things that have proven to work. What happens is we end up with a lot of commercial videos that seem suspiciously similar to each other, which makes it difficult for a company to stand out from all of the noise. Here are my tips for standing out for your commercial video production needs:

Cinematic Wedding VideographyOne of the most overlooked wedding expenses I believe is the cinematic wedding video. Traditionally pictures have been the best way to capture the day and the easiest to share, but with video quality sky rising accompanied by smaller price tags, I’m surprised cinematic wedding videos haven’t become much more popular. A great cinematic wedding video is all about the details. Most people spend copious amounts of time getting footage of guests, but the best companies not only do that, but also capture all the little things that you painstakingly made decisions on. From the flower arrangements, to the little decorations on the cake, to the dress, and more… a great cinematic wedding video should make you relive your moments.