Director’s Statment on Ya Albi

When I wrote “Ya Albi,” my first goal was to honor the story of my parents. Both of my parents are immigrants from Taiwan. Though they are not refugees, I can only imagine what they still had to go through in order to adapt and succeed somewhere so far from friends, family, and what they know.


Much of the film is inspired by stories my parents told me about their early times in the U.S. From the prejudice they encountered, the families who they became life long friends with, and the strangers who helped them along the way, I wanted to capture those moments through “Ya Albi.”


Despite the context of the story with regards to the Syrian refugee crisis, “Ya Albi” for me was never meant to be a political statement. Rather, I wanted to share my own microcosmic look into what it is like to make a new place a home, a theme I’m sure many people will relate to. It is about the different types of people we encounter and the way we connect and affect each other both negatively and positively.


I am lucky to have worked with an incredible group of talented cast and crew who brought the story to life. What an amazing experience it has been.

Official Trailer

If you would like to know about the film feel free to download the EPK at this link Download!

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