Shakespeare on the Range

Shakespeare on the Range

About the Movie

A group of lifer inmates at a maximum security prison find introspection through the words of Shakespeare.

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Mark Bonner


Born and raised in Shreveport, Lousiana, I embarked on a seemingly impossible venture with my internal map set for Hollywood at the tender age of 18. The walls I faced seemed impeccable. I knew not a soul in the industry nor a clue on how to connect with anyone involved. As a child I’d always drawn cartoons and even storylines to them.
I gave my effort more commitment after one summer shortly after my 18 birthday, a disabled neighbor I befriended was on the verge of committing suicide. Not sure what to do, I attempted to calm him down with a story. I even acted out scenes in which I was terrible at. Long story short, he decided not to do the deed and stated a phrase that stuck with me ever since; “If your story can change one man’s life, you’ve done your job.” At that moment I transitioned from verbal storyteller into a screenplay writer. That year I would go on to finish 14 screenplays. I researched the craft extensively until I was able to place in contest and land pitch meetings. I was fortunate enough to have my first screenplay optioned by the age of 19. From then I began acting out scenes from characters I created. If you want to know more, you’ll just have to stay tuned as I hope to get in position to help other writers and actors prosper for the future with stories that capture the very essence of human nature.

Mary Thoma


[10:37:26 AM] Christine Chen: Award-winning Actress, Director, Coach and Instructor Mary Thoma has been teaching acting for over 25 years. With credits in theater, film, television and radio, she is a versatile actress, commercial talent, director, coach, writer, and filmmaker. Her acting studio, TASA STUDIO (The Art and Soul of Acting) has been designated a sister studio to The True Acting Institute and the only studio with this distinction in the state of Louisiana. Her short film Dandelion, written and directed by Thoma in 2015, went on to win Top 20 at LAFP as well as a Founders Circle Award and has screened at multiple festivals nationwide. Her Production company, Four Women Films was launched the same year.
Mary grew up as a military kid with southern roots and an unwavering belief in the power of storytelling. She is most drawn to stories that inspire, inform, challenge, and change us.
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Joshua R Ford


Joshua Ryan Ford from New Orleans, Louisiana. Graduated from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Fashion Design in 2012. While living in New York City in pursuit of career, Joshua began modeling. Later moved back home to New Orleans and began acting career.

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