The Least Expected

So I’ll be honest, this was a very last minute thing. I mean I knew what I wanted to do, Christine and I talked about it for a hot second. I knew it had to get done, but yet again here I was editing late into the night to finish it up.

I blame the holiday season, which is ironic for it being a holiday animation. Which again this was done WAY AFTER Hanukkah. (Again, my apologies.)

But first thing Christine mentioned whenever she saw it, was that it was pretty. Even though after was all said and done I felt like it looked like a child did it but it was too late to turn back. And that always seems to be the case, it’s always the one you slap together to get it done (and you don’t necessarily like yourself) that has the best response. My best friend who works as a graphic designer at an oil company says it never fails that they always pick the logo that’s her least favorite. My roommate in college (who shall remain nameless to protect her college career), who was shooting a photo series in her room with the only interesting thing she had in there, bubble wrap, the night before the big project was due. She won best photo of the semester in her class…..

But here’s the thing, I’m not advocating to TRY and do all your projects this way. There’s many exceptions to this rule. It’s just bad practice in general anyways. But even if you have screwed yourself on the time front (we all know you did), push forward and see what you can get done. Because in the end you’re still putting forward an effort and people will see that.

Cue family show music for this cheesy ending

P.S. I wasn’t just sitting at home procrastinating cause I could. I work a part time job with a 30-minute commute, and I had Christmas shopping, and I have a pets to take care of…….just so you know.

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